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Sweetwater Mortgage Company’s Mission is to become the “best” mortgage company in the industry. By “best”, we do not mean the biggest. Instead our mission is to become the “most excellent” mortgage company in our industry. We want to be the “best of the best” within our industry similar to the “Navy Seals” or the “Green Berets”.

There are four areas of excellence that we require in our Loan Officers and Employees. The four areas are Spiritual, Emotional, Mental, and Physical.

By Spiritual excellence, we mean that we require our Loan Officers and Employees to at least have an openness to spiritual things. Spirituality also involves truth and ethics. Spiritual excellence is the foundation of our company.

By Emotional excellence, we mean that we require our Loan Officers and Employees to treat their “neighbor” with friendliness, respect, and love. By “neighbor” we mean their fellow employees, managers, vendors, and customers. Emotional excellence is the glue to our company.

By Mental excellence, we mean that we want our Loan Officers and Employees to strive to be the most organized, sharp, and excellent in the industry. We want Sweetwater as an organization to strive to be the most “finely tuned” mortgage machine in the industry. Mental excellence is the order of our company.

By Physical excellence, I mean we want our Loan Officers and employees to strive to “out-hustle” and “out-work” all of our competitors. We strive to set a new standard within our industry for hard work. Physical excellence is the strength of our company.


Jim Norris
Sweetwater Mortgage Company
Veterans Day 11/11/2009


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