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Realtor Comments About the Comp Webs


« "Thanks Jim. I...appreciate your system."

- Cheryl, Houston, TX


« "Thank you for the opportunity you give us Realtors, to use your services. It is a valuable way to market our listings and of course to help us, to get a source of finicing our clients."

- Frank, Houston, TX


« "Great service. Please call me."

- Trish, Houston, TX


« "I really like this."

- Carol, Houston, TX


« "Please call me to discuss further, this looks like something of value for my clients."

- Greg, Dallas, TX


« "I am interested in your offer and would like to discuss it more."

- Charles, Dallas, TX


« "I am interested in your advertising and your mortgage service."

- Bonnie, Austin, TX


« "Thank you!  This is great."

- Raul, Austin, TX


« "I love this and so do all my clients and thank you soooo much. I always print out the flyers for my open houses and use it as a marketing tool with potential sellers. It's wonderful."

- Kathy, Dallas, TX


« "I am very impressed with the personalized web pages your company created for my various listings."

- Gigi, Houston, TX

« "No question, your program is fantastic, I will send you the customers!!"

- Christina, Houston, TX


« "This sounds awesome!"

- Guilma, Houston, TX


« "If it’s truly free… let’s do it…I need to get this property sold."

- Sheila, Houston, TX


« "This is a great idea..."

- Mary, Houston, TX


« "Thank you for this service!"

- Dana, Georgetown, TX


« "Jim, I tried this out. It is great. Thank you so much. Hopefully this will help us do some business together."

- Cindy, Houston, TX


« "This is a great program you guys offer."

- Anthony, Houston, TX


« "Thanks for the website."

- Ron, Sugar Land, TX


« "Many thanks for you nice offer."

- Riaz, Houston, TX


« "This site is awesome."

- Mary, Houston, TX


« "I really like this website..."

- Cyndi, Dallas, TX


« "Thank you so much .... really nice!!!!!"

- Linda, Houston, TX


« "...what a fantastic free tool!"

- Robin, Houston, TX


« "It does not seem like a bad idea..."

- Gary, Houston, TX


« "I am very interested.  Let's talk today."

- Lynda, Houston, TX


« "It looks really interesting!"

- Barbara, Houston, TX


« "Very cool."

- Kim, Dallas, TX


« "It's a great program! Thanks!"

- Brenda, Houston, TX


« "I really like the look of the website...I think this is a great service."

- Candace, Dallas, TX


« "Sounds good to me. Thank you for the offer."

- Caroline, Houston, TX


« "Beautiful flyers- thank you!"

- Aleia, Sherman, TX


« "Cool website!"

- Lindy, Houston, TX


« "You are very proactive with your marketing approach! I’m impressed."

- Carolyn, Garland, TX


« "Thank you so much for this service. I hope that it will help me to get an offer on the property."

- Marlynda, Houston, TX


« "I appreciate your website. What a wonderful service to provide to realtors."

- Darlene, Houston, TX


« "Thanks so much I have set up a site. This is a great tool"

- Darrell, Dallas, TX


« "Thanks. I appreciate this opportunity."

- Kiki, Houston, TX


« "Great idea."

- Donna, Dallas, TX


« "JIM!  Where have you been all my life?  Your system and features are amazing! I’m in!  My seller is gonna think I just simply ROCK!  When can I buy you lunch!?"

- John, Richardson, TX


« "Wow!!!, Thanks, will explore this."

- Peggy, Dallas, TX


« "This program is awesome! Thanks so much! "

- Sharon, Houston, TX


« "Yes, thank you--I would appreciate the flyers..."

- Doris, Houston, TX


« "I like this a lot. I will call you soon to talk about it."

- Debbie, Pearland, TX



- Sonja, Houston, TX


« "This is very clever, Jim. It really is. Congratulations!"

- Bill, Dallas, TX


« "Nice work!"

- Mark, Austin, TX


« "Thanks so much!"

- Sherry, Houston, TX


« "Thank you for the flyers."

- Donna, Austin, TX


« "I appreciate that yes I accept!"

- Yvonne, Dallas, TX


« "I love your service. Its really a good idea for Realtors. "

- Sharon, Wylie, TX


« "Many Thanks!"

- John, Kingwood, TX


« "Cool, let’s stay in touch, I can use this on my other new listings! "

- Cindy, Houston, TX


« "Jim, your new program and flyers are terriffic, thank you...Thanks for being so innovative, that is a real 'hand up' for realtors in this down market."

- Cynthia, Houston, TX


« "I am interested in the web-site and flyers you have to offer."

- Dixie, Houston, TX


« "Thanks for the info, this is great I will certainly use it and place it in the house for others to see."

- Hazel, Austin, TX


« "Thank you for showing interest in my listing. I really appreciate it. The fliers look great. I look forward to working with you with our next client."

- Nina, Houston, TX


« "Hi Jim this sounds great."

- Dora, Houston, TX


« "Thank you very much!"

- Donna, Houston, TX


« "Thanks, Jim. Am printing out now and will have with my handouts."

- Yevette, Dallas, TX


« "Thanks for being so persistent in sending me these offers on my various listings. I finally took the time to open it and look at what I’ve been missing!!!!!  I will take full advantage of your services."

- Tommye, Dallas, TX


« "I love this, thanks so much."

- Melinda, Dallas, TX


« "Thank you very much for the marketing material on my listings!!  They are really a great tool."

- Cristina, Cypress, TX


« "This is a very nice marketing tool for agents."

- Marie, Georgetown, TX


« "Thank you for the Complimentary Website and Open House Flyers.
They are great."

- Lina, Sugarland, TX


« "This is a very nice service you are offering, and we certainly want to keep you in mind for loans."

- Marie, Georgetown, TX


« "Thanks for your time on this, this is great."

- Karen, Houston, TX


« "I love this service."

- Judy, Dallas, TX


« "That is very nice! Thanks! I would love to work with you and send you clients! If all of this is FREE how can i say No! Very professional!"

- Rose, Houston, TX



- Robbyn, Houston, TX


« "Thanks for emailing this to me again. I will put it in the properties."

- Becky, Houston, TX


« "Great idea!"

- Linda, Houston, TX


« "I like this website and the services you offer for my listings. "

- Danielle, Houston, TX


« "Add me, I am very interested"

- Melinda, Austin, TX


« "This is great! "

- Tony, San Antonio, TX

 « "Sounds cool..."

- Dena, Austin, TX


 « "I liked the flyer"

- Shahnaz, Houston, TX


 « "Awsum program!"

- Harry, Dallas, TX


 «  "How do I get my other listings on your website?"

- Patricia, Houston, TX


« "Jim, Thanks! I've been trying to get another company to do this for me. It's perfect!"

- Amy, Dallas, TX

« "Thanks for this.  This is what I am looking for when I get a listing.  I appreciate the different options you've done up for my listing.  That really helps!"

- Karen, Austin, TX


« "Thanks Jim – this is a great idea!"

- Joan, Dallas, TX


« "Thank you, already set up one of my homes.  I am working on two more...right now."

– Kerry, Houston, TX


« "Thanks, Jim I look forward to doing business with you..."

– Darlene, Houston, TX


« "Jim, Thanks so much for this resource – I’m looking forward to using it on my listings!! Thanks again! I will spread the word for you ."

– Natalie, Dallas, TX


« "What is the cost for all of these very great features you are offering?"

– Carla, Houston, TX


« "Thanks Jim, I have and will continue posting your flyer on the opposite side of my home information and I consider it professional tool and hope your business profits from your tenacious ad consistent efforts!"

– Al, San Antonio, TX


« "I like this."

– Jocelyn, Dallas, TX


« "That's awesome!! "

- Jack, Austin, TX


« "Thanks for the email, Jim. I did browse through the links and rather like what you have to offer to agents."

- Pippa, Austin, TX


« "Really nice, interactive flyer creation."

- Judy, Houston, TX


« "That is pretty darn cool! Make me one and I will send you some buyers!"

- Gina, Austin, TX


« “Love your website..”

– Jamuna, Dallas, TX


« “I am impressed with you listing websites. Would you like to come by our office and meet us and explain more to us about the process.”

- Sue, Houston, TX


« “This is awesome.”

- Kathleen, San Antonio, TX


« "Thank you so much for your open house flyers!  They are terrific.”

- Linda, Dallas, TX


« “I place your quote sheets in the Homebook that I produce and is available at each of my listings. Thank you for your service.” 

- Mary Ann, Houston, TX


« “Jim, Thanks alot for the flier. It really helps to show my clients what they can expect to pay.”

- Linda, San Antonio, TX


« “Great marketing idea."

- Todd, Austin, TX


« “Thanks Jim.”

- Garth, Houston, TX


« “Hi Jim, great idea you’ve got going on here”

- Jennifer, Dallas, TX


« “Thank you so much for the flyer.”

- Jennifer, Houston, TX



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