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« What is the Complimentary Mortgage Website?  It is a free mortgage website for your listing which after you "Publish The Listing", you will receive the following features (ALL FREE):

- Financing Information including over 20 loan programs with 'live" rates!

- A Mortgage Comparison tool enabling you to compare loans over time!

- Daily Market Watch featuring Commentary and "live" rate tracking!

- Beautiful Open House Flyers with or without property pics!

- In addition, we 'auto-feed' your listing to over 31 of the top real estate sites!

- You can publish the mortgage web to Craigslist, Backpage, Facebook & Twitter!
- Many other features including a unique web & text address, a virtual tour,

  neighborhood info & map, design center, and more!

« Tell me more about the auto-feeds?  After you publish your listing on our site, we "auto-feed" it to over 31 of the most popular Real Estate sites on the web including Yahoo Real Estate, Zillow, Trulia, Oodle, Vast, Hotpads.comPropbot, CLRSearch.com, RealtyFeedSearch.com, Millionrss.com, HGTV's Frontdoor.com, Lycos, Military.com, Walmart Classifieds, Overstock.com, Winday.com, Myspace Classifieds, Info.com, KFOXTV.COM, Kiplinger.com, SeattleWeekly, Americantowns.com, The Washington Post, Pad4Pad, Openhouse.com, Yakaz, Trovit, New York Post Classifieds, Everyblock.com, Statesman.com, and Google Now!









« How do I publish listings & how do I edit property or contact info?  How do I post listings to Craigslist, Backpage, Facebook, or Twitter?  Click HERE to see our detailed "How To" page.



« What is the cost of utitlizing this service?  It is complimentary (i.e free).  The purpose of this free service is to introduce and expose realtors and borrowers to our competitive products and service.  However, you are not required to use our mortgage company in order to receive this service.


« How effective is the internet marketing of our Complimentary Webs?  Very effective!  Click HERE to see statistics about our internet marketing.


« What are other Realtors saying about the Complimentary Websites?  Click HERE to see what Realtors are saying about our Complimentary Websites.  Currently over 1,000 active listings have been posted by Realtors on our site! 


« What happens after I publish to Craigslist and Backpage.com?  After you publish your listing on our site, you can easily publish your listing to Craigslist and Backpage.com (which also "re-brands" your listings to HoustonPress.com, DallasObserver.com, Nuvo.net, Univision.com, and Housingmaps.com)!  For more detailed instructions click HERE.


« What about my other listings that are not published on your site?  Once a Realtor logs-in to our site, we will already have available potential comp webs for your other listings.  This feature will be available mostly for properties listed in Houston, Dallas, and Austin.  Otherwise click HERE to see detailed instruction about how to make comp webs for your other listings.


« Does the Complimentary Website provide any neighborhood information about the listing?  It provides the Neighborhood Demographics and a Google Map of your property including Google Street View!


« Tell me about the Virtual Tour?  After you publish your listing, your Comp Web will include an attractive Virtual Tour of the property including a music selection to choose from and the ability to add a text caption to each picture.


« Tell me about the "My Other Listings" tab?  After you publish your listing, all other listings that you published on our site will show on the "My Other Listings" tab of your Comp Web.


« Is this compliant with RESPA?  Yes.  Section 8(vi) of the Real Estate Settlement Procedures Act of 1974 requires that "the service provided be a normal promotional and educational activity and is not conditioned on the referral of business and does not involve the defraying of expenses that otherwise would be incurred by persons in a position to refer settlement services or business incident thereto". 

  First, the Comp Webs are simply a digital version of an Open House Flyer which has long been accepted by HUD as a normal promotional and educational activity.  Second, our Terms and Conditions make it very clear that this service is not conditioned on the referral of business.  Finally, there are no "defraying of expenses" because our website is proprietary and all of our internet marketing (auto-feeds, one step feeds, etc) is free to Sweetwater.


« Tell me about the unique web address?  After you publish your listing, your property will be assigned its own unique web address which is prominently displayed on the homepage of the Comp Web.


« What about my other listings?  You can sign up to automatically receive or make your own Complimentary Websites and Open House Flyers for all of your listings and it is ALL FREE!


« What about pictures of the property?  Pictures are already included for most listings.  In addition, you can add up to 10 Pictures of your property.


« Can I email my website?  Yes, there is a tab that enables you to custom email your website to an individual or you can Bulk Email Your Complimentary Website to up to 100 recipients at a time.  This is useful for advertising to target markets such as Real Estate Agents!


« Are there multiple design themes to choose from?  Yes, you can choose from 88 possible Design Themes for your Complimentary Website.


« What about my realtor photo or logo?  You can now add your Realtor/Owner photo or logo!


« What financing options are there?  There are over 20 Financing Options to choose from including the interest rate (which is automatically updated daily), the total monthly payment, and the total funds to close for each program. 


« Are there Open House Flyers?  Yes, there are beautiful Open House Flyers you can print to put in your listings.


« What is the easiest way for my borrower to prequalify through your company?  There is a link on the Comp Web to our easy Prequalification form on the web.  Or for a more personal touch, simply have them contact us at the phone number or email address provided on the Comp Web.


« What is the Daily Market Watch tab?  On this page, the Chart which is updated every 15 minutes allows you to watch interest rates "live" throughout the day.  The Commentary informs you about what is behind any movements seen in interest rates that day.






This service is a normal promotional and educational activity provided by Sweetwater Mortgage Company and is not conditioned on the referral of business to Sweetwater Mortgage Company and does not involve the defraying of expenses by Sweetwater Mortgage Company that otherwise would be incurred by persons in a position to refer settlement services or business incident thereto as descibed in Section 8(vi) of the Real Estate Settlement Procedures Act of 1974, as amended

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