Property Details

Subdivision: Lakeland
Market: 5
Price: $359900
Square Feet: 4385 Stories: 2
Fulll Baths: 3 1/2 Bths: 1
Frplace Dscr: Y Fans: 2
Front Door: Garage: Y
Bedrooms: 5 Year Built: 2013
Fireplace #: Yes Garage Car #: 2 carport


Beautiful Spacious home, 5 bedrooms. Sitting area in master, Many upgrades. A Must see. Near middle and high school.

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  • Ellen Roloff Norris (RMLO #304630)

  • 281-970-1082 ext 2
  • 866-717-4556 ext 2

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  • Ellen Roloff Norris (RMLO #304630)

  • Phone 1: 281-970-1082 ext 2
  • Phone 2: 866-717-4556 ext 2


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  • Aixa Shelton

  • Phone 1: 832-449-0039


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